miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012


Y aquí os traigo una de mis primeras creaciones, un precioso llavero del tamaño de un pintalabios más o menos, hecho de fieltro y con detalles en raso. Hay 6 como estes que podréis comprar pronto si os interesa, y lo mejor de todo es que lo vendo a todo el mundo :D Decidme qué pensáis y si os interesa ;)

Un beso! Hi! My name is Ruhna, and this is one of my first artisan creations that I want to show you, and know which is your opinion. The height of this cute keychain is like a lipstick more or less, and it's made with black, white and pink felt. White, black and pink thread. Soft purple satin thread and a little bell. There are 6 Ragdoll Cats at this moment that you could buy so soon. If this has success I´ll make much more little kitties like this! And, the best of all is that I'll sell them for all around the world :D Image and video hosting by TinyPic